Temcon – Power Control Panels

  1. General Details

    Temcon Power Control Panel are made in variety of design and specifications. They can supply power to heater coils, heater pads, finger elements at 230Volts. Due to their very high output power, they are most suited for heat treatment of large vessels. They are manually operated of fitted with PID programmer. Ruggedly constructed but highly portable, they give a long lasting service. Since the heater elements operate at 230Volts, all control panels are fitted with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) for additional safety. All Temcon Control Panel are contactorised control modules. Energy regulators can be fitted for automatic control of Heat Treatment Cycle.

  2. specification
    ModelInput SupplyOutput SupplyPower Output
    Temcon 30 415 V 63 Amps x 3 Phase230 V x 63 Amps x 3 x 1 Phase7 x 6 KW
    Temcon  60 415 V 63 Amps x 3 Phase230 V x 63 Amps x 3 x 1 Phase14 x 3 KW
    Temcon 100 415 V 100 Amps x 3 Phase230 V x 100 Amps x 3 x 1 Phase23 x 3 KW

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