1. General Details


    SMM 100 Detect very low intensity radiation from contaminated substances such as Metal scrap etc.
    With RADAX SM 100 you can:
    Detect and Monitor radiation from Radioactive materials or from X-ray machines while working near such substances or equipment
    Check s leakage and helps to take precaution on detecting ionizing radiation

  2. Radiation Detector

    RADAX SMM 100 Uses Geiger-Mueller (GM) detector tube to detect radiation. The GM tube contains ionization gas which generates pulse of electrical current when radiations pass through the gas and causes ionization. The electrical pulses are counted electronical-ly and are termed counts per minute (CPM) or they are displayed in milli-roentgens per hour(mR/ hr). In SI units, the pulses are counted per second (CPS) and micro-sieverts per hour (μSv/hr).

  3. Key Features
    • RADAX SM100 D displays radiation level detected in both mR/hr and μSv/hr,
    • simultaneously on its LCD display.
    • The Digital survey meter is based on micro-controller technology and simple to use.
  4. Technical Specification
    Detector Energy compensated GM tube
    Radiation Detected Gamma Rays & X-rays
    Range 0- 100 mR/Hr. & 0-1000 μS/Hr. (Auto-Ranging)
    Energy Response 100 Kev to 1.3 Mev
    Accuracy with Cs137 ± 15 %
    Response Time 4 Sec
    Operating Condi-0- 50° C 90% Humidity
    Display Digital LCD 2 Line Display
    Battery AA Alkaline Battery 2 No’s
    Construction ABS Plastic
    Size 65 X 120 X 30
    Weight 153 gram

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