1. General Details


    Optional – Data logger and   bt

    RADAX SM 5000 is a Digital Handheld Survey meter to detect and measure primarily Gamma and X-ray radiation. Survey meters are portable radiation detection and measurement instruments used to check personnel, equipment and facilities for radioactive contamination, or to measure external or ambient ionizing radiation fields (to evaluate the direct exposure hazard). The hand-held survey meter is probably the most familiar radiation measuring device to society owing to its wide and highly visible use.


  2. Radiation Detector.

    RADAX SM 5000 uses a Geiger-Mueller (GM) detector tube to detect radiation. The GM tube contains ionization gas which generates pulse of electrical current when radiations pass through the gas and causes ionization. These electrical pulses are counted electronically displayed in milli-Roentgens per hour (mR/hr) OR micro-Sieverts per hour (μ Sv/hr)

  3. Key Features
    • Detect and Monitor radiation from Radioactive materials or from X-ray machines while working near such substances or equipment.
    • Check for leakage radiation.
    • Take precaution on detecting level & Intensity of radiation.
  4. Technical Specification
    DetectorEnergy compensated GM tube
    Radiation DetectedGamma Rays & X-rays
    Range0– 5000 mR /hr

    0– 50000 μSv / hr

    Energy Response100 Kev to 1.3 Mev
    Accuracy with Cs137± 15 %
    Response Time4 Sec.
    Operating Conditions0- 50° C 80% Humidity
    DisplayDigital LCD
    BatteryAA Alkaline Battery 2 No’s
    ConstructionABS Plastic
    Weight153 gram
  5. Data Logging Application (Optional)

    Data Logging (Optional ) – 1. In hand set you can check the radiation level in specific interval of seconds , min up to 1 hour. Records easily transferred via gauge USB port or Bluetooth  to Personal computer (PC).


    1. RADAX Software- The instrument supplied with software compatible with windows 7 to download records stored in instrument via USB port or  Bluetooth

    RADAX Software in Linear format.


    1. Bluetooth Application – With Mobile APP, Remote Bluetooth for Safe Checking display reading at the distance of 20 meter from the survey meter in your Android mobile.

    mob3     app

    Android APP


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