1. General Details

    Now Extension Display with 20 meter link cable….

    • Detects Gamma Ray & X-ray Radiation
    • Continuous Monitoring
    • Battery back up to 24 hours
    • Mains/Chargeable battery Operation
    • Provision to set/adjust alarm triggering level
    • Portable/ Wall Mountable
    • Large Display- can be read from 5 meter distance
    • Dual alarm (Blinking Red Light + Siren)

    The Area Zone monitor is designed to indicate both Gamma & X-ray radiation exposure rates in the working areas of medical and industrial radiological installations and other radioisotope laboratories etc.

    The Zone Monitor is suitable to detect open or close mode of remotely operated Radiography cameras/Projectors. The Area zone monitor is also be useful for medical therapy installation, radiation source storage room etc.

    DetectorHalogen quenched GM counter
    Energy Response100KeV to 1.3MeV
    Response Time8 Sec
    Radiation Range0 to 100mR/Hr (log scale)
    Radiation DisplayContinuous Monitoring of Radiation level
    Alarm Setting RangeCan be set to desired value between 0-100 mR
    OutputRed blinking light & Audible Siren
    Power requirement220v AC single phase 50 Hz  /Chargeable sealed lead acid Battery.
    Dimensions   (In mm)75 X250 X 200 mm
    Weight2.5 kgs. with Batteries
  3. Extension Display for ZMM-100
    • ZMM 100 has provision to add an extension display which displays the radiation level as shown in master unit.
    • The extension unit is supplied with 20 meters link connecting cable.
    • Does not require extra power connection
    • Main unit can be kept in the radioactive Area and salve unit is fitted in another room.


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