1. General Details
    1. Maxi flux Coil type Crack Detectors are designed to provide Magnetic Flux to test ferrous metal components and parts, employing both Dry as well as Wet testing method. The coils are available in 250 mm and 300 mm internal diameter. The coils are light weight with body   made of Black HIPS (High Impact Poly-styrene)   to help long and trouble free working.
    2. Coils can be plugged in the back of the Power supply. The magnetizing shot is given with help of a foot-switch.   The Power supply has a provision to supply AC or Half-Wave DC (AC/ HWDC) magnetizing current to the coil.
    3. Coils are designed to supply AC and HWDC Magnetic Flux.
    4. Demagnetization: Demagnetization can be carried out manually by all coils in AC mode of operation.
    5. Power supply to provide AC & HWDC Flux.         Model : MEY-5  (AC-HWDC)
    6. Power supply to provide AC Magnetic Flux and with built in Push Button Automatic
      Demagnetisation.                                                   Model : MEY-5 ( AC-D)
    7. Power supply to provide AC & HWDC Magnetic Flux and with built in Push Button Automatic Demagnetisation.                            Model : MEY-5 ( AC-HWDC)
  2. Specification
    • Capable of testing bars, billets, spindles, shafts and pipe for circumferential defects
    • Ideal offshore inspection aid or stand alone shop floor unit
    • Suitable for harsh environments – crack resistant Coil encapsulation
    • Armoured coil cable as standard
    • INPUT VOLTAGE 110V AC 50-60 Hz /230V 50Hz
    • INPUT CURRENT 12.2 Amps /
    • FIELD STRENGTH AC 10.1 K/Am 126.5 gauss
    • FIELD STRENGTH DC 10.7 K/Am 134.5 gauss
    • CABLE LENGTH – mains lead to control 4m, control box to Coil 4m, hand switch to control 3m.
    • Width excluding handles 75mm
    • Weight – Control Box 13.4 Kg, Coil 11.9 Kg, hand control 0.6Kg
  3. Specification Table
    ModelMEY-400 (AC)MEY-5 -300 (AC)MEY-250 (AC)MEY-200 (AC)
    Inside Diameter400 mm300 mm250 mm 
    Outside Diameter500 mm400 mm350 mm 
    Width105 mm105 mm105 mm 
    Weight8.9 Kg7.0 Kg5.5 Kg 
    Input supply230 Volts, 50 Hz230 Volts, 50 Hz230 Volts, 50 Hz230 Volts, 50 Hz
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