1. General Details

    Working two fields with the flip of switch….

    Newly designed with Trendy looks & Compact Size

    • Light weight specially designed for one hand operation when testing in tight, confined and overhead areas.
    • The selective AC and DC functions are built into a single reliable instrument
    • Powerful Magnetic field helps to view localized defects on precise area.

    MEY 2 is a portable, self-contained instrument designed to produce a magnetic field on ferrous-magnetic materials. Constant AC or Half Wave Rectified (DC) fields with the flip of a switch; for the location of surface and some sub-surface defect.

  2. Salient Features
    • Light weight, Economical, Versatility and powerful performance
    • Safe and secured for operators
    • High efficiency & Highly sensitive
    • Articulating and double-jointed legs contour easily to assure good contact
    • Suitable for continuous inspection
    • Strong and rugged construction

    Maxi-flux Yokes comply with ASTM E709 & ASME Section V Article 7.



    Pole Distance 50 mm to 300 mm
    Lifting capacity at 100mm pole distance5 Kg AC Mode & 18 Kg HWDC Mode
       Cord Length2 Meter
    Duty Cycle  2 minutes on – 2 minutes off
    Magnetic  FieldConstant AC or Half Wave Rectified (DC) fields with the flip of a switch
    Line Voltage Single Phase230V AC 50/60Hz ( 110 Volts Models available)
    Weight  3.5 kg
    WarranteeOne Year Against manufacturing Defects

    *Specifications are subjected to change without notice.    *Under Standard test conditions.

  4. Standard package include

    MEY 2 Yoke, Powder Spray Bulb, Oil Spray bottle, Portable Carrying Case and Operating manual

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