1. General Details

    Product Description : MAXIFLUX BLACK BL -100
    Portable Black Light System

    One significant feature of BL-100 is that– it has a built-in, quiet-operating fan located at the rear of the lamp housing.

    The advantage of this design feature is obvious – dramatically reduced running temperature. In practical terms, the fan-cooled BL-100 means more comfort and safety for operators plus longer bulb life.

    As the  black lights are often hand-held during fluorescent inspections, the heat they create is an important consideration. The typical running temperature of the BL -100F is less than 30 degrees Celcius , so it does not significantly raise the ambient temperature around the operator, nor is it a safety concern.

    Polycarbonite bezel allows air to cool lens in the rest position, and helps keep operators’ hands away from lens glass during use

    Cord-through-handle design reduces operator fatigue, improves balance and provides greater safety
    Fiberglass-reinforced handle always stays cool
    Tough aluminum housing withstands rugged use
    Recessed lens protects lens and bulb from damage

  2. Features
    • Compact Black Light unit, fitted with High Intensity Mercury Vapour Lamp having built-in Reflector.
    • Light weight aluminium lamp body.
    • High quality UV filter- filters unnecessary radiation and white light.
    • Cooling fan provided for the UV lamp for long operation.
    • Fibre-glass heat-proof handle.
    • Heavy duty ballast for continuous operation.
    • CS carry case duly powder coated for safe keep and transportation.
  3. Technical Specifications for BL-100
    • Power Supply: 230V/60 hz/1ph
    • Current Draw:9 amps
    • Typical Visible Light: 10 Lux or 1 foot candle @ 15″ (38 cm)
    • Bulb: 100 watts
    • Running Temperature: 30 ̊ C
    • Weight – Hand Lamp: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
    • Weight – Hand Lamp with Transformer: 6kgs
    • Lamp to Transformer: 10 ft. Cable Unit
    • Main Cable Supply: 15 ft. with Ground
    • Fault Protection
    • UV Intensity meets industry and military standards:4500 Microwatts/cm2  from 15″ (38 cm)



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