Permanent Magnet Yoke (PMY)

  1. General Details

    No electrical supply required…

    • Permanent Magnet Yokes are a great convenience in Magnetic Particle Inspection, due to their complete portability, as no electricity is required.
    • Lifting capacity at 100mm pole distance 50 Pounds (23 Kg).
    • The specially shaped pole pieces permit easy removal of the pole pieces from the component

    The PMY Yoke is a portable permanent magnet Yoke which is ideal for magnetizing components for crack detection, Consists of hinged arms to allow a wide variety of profiles to be magnetized.

  2. Salient Features
    • Light weight, Economical, Versatility and powerful performance
    • Safe and secured for operators
    • Easy to Use
    • Powerful magnets with rotating head.
    • Suitable for continuous inspection
    • Strong and rugged construction
    • Truly Portable

    PMY Yoke comply with ASTM E709 & ASME Section V Article 7.

    Magnetic elements Magloy 1
    Pole Spacing:0-12” (0-300mm)
      Lifting capacity at 100mm pole distance23 Kg
    Field Strength with Tips in Contact9000 Gauss
    Field Strength with 2” (50mm) Air Gap:650 Gauss
    Weight  2.2 Kg

    *Specifications are subjected to change without notice.    *Under Standard test conditions.

  4. Standard package include

    Pemanet Yoke, Carry Case, Operation Manual, Calibration Certificate

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