Long journeys are made of small steps.
Eastwest Engineering has taken several small steps to cover this exciting journey of producing Equipment &
Accessories in the field of Non-destructive Testing.
One step at a time and one product at a time – fully enjoying the experience and excitement that comes along.
The support from the industry and fellow entrepreneur made experience enjoyable.

On completing 25 years, we celebrated the first milestone by starting exports. We consolidated our position
by turning in to Pvt Ltd. Company and then got the ISO certification in 2010.
Looking around the ways of the world, we introduced improved safety features and got CE certification.
While doing this, quality of the products also improved and they received better acceptance.
All during this exciting journey, we never diluted our commitment to maintain best possible Quality control in
Production, After-sales service and Commitment to our customers. We were reviewed and evaluated by CRISL
We appreciated AERB’s resolve to bring in better Safety in the use of Radioactive sources and X-ray Machines.
We were the first to get all the X-ray machines that we sell – type approved by AERB. This involved importing
high end expensive equipment required to monitor all our X-ray machines regularly. All X-ray machines sold in
India by us, are type approved, assuring complete safety and consistent quality.
All types of Survey-meters, Dosimeters and Area Zone Monitors manufactured by us, are type approved and
periodically updated. This has greatly helped us to compete with similar Radiation Safety instruments
available in Europe and USA. This is yet another step forward and we have crossed one more milestone.
Moving with the times, a complete line of Digital Radiography system have been introduced. Complete
turnkey systems consisting of X-ray Machines, DR & CR panels, CT Software, CT Scanners, CR Phantom,
Manipulators, cabinets etc. are all available.
Some time back we celebrated completion of 40 years. The journey continuous with many more milestones to
achieve. One at a time.

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